Motivation Update

Hurray my minions! Here's the MOTIVATION UPDATE for Legend of Keepers.

You don't feel motivated at work? Goblinz Studio is glad to show their latest big update for Legend of Keepers.!

Legend of Keepers Prologue (this version, Free demo) gets:
- Motivation system with many new features and QoL improvements

Motivation Update: 0.6.0 patch notes


  • The Enchantress Master can be played by the owners of the Supporters Edition on Steam!
  • New dungeon environment: the Aztec Ruins! Available to the owners of the Supporters Edition on Steam!
  • Enjoy an additional layer of monsters management thanks to the new Motivation system!
  • 3 new Artefacts to help you with the Motivation system!
  • New Task: the Psychologist! Spend your week to let your employees talk about their feelings and let out some steam.
  • New rare monster: the Jubokko! Scare heroes with this huge demonic living tree!
  • New monster: the Skeleton Dog! Heroes'd better watch out for their bones!
  • 7 new random Events have been added to the available pool!
  • 3 new Plunder locations for your employees!


  • A new Motivation system has been added for monsters. They will lose Motivation upon death and will make a burnout for several weeks if their Motivation drops to 0. Send them to the Garrison so they can get Motivation back after a dungeon before it’s too late.
  • Players can now choose in which rooms their active monsters can be placed in dungeons.
  • All the players' traps are now available in trap rooms. No more random.
  • Monsters rooms can now be confirmed even without filling all the slots.
  • Plunders and Events are now also including Motivation gains or losses.
  • Business Trips rewards have been improved to include Blood, Tears and Motivation.
  • Monsters locked after an Event, a Plunder, a Business Trip or making a Burnout are now split into two categories depending on the cause of the lock. They can now be either Injured (Burnout included) or Unavailable. Unavailable monsters can’t be sold at the Black Market.
  • Random rooms layouts in dungeons have been made more consistent and less punitive.
  • An explanation dialogue has been added after the first real dungeon defended by players to introduce the Motivation system.
  • A Motivation window has been added on the Schedule scene after a dungeon defense to display Motivation gained and lost by the employees.
  • Damage and Morale displayed in attacks tooltips during the Exploration of a dungeon are now taking Bonuses and Penalties in count.
  • Gold gains displayed everywhere are now taking in count Artefacts gain increase.
  • Improved the UI for dungeon map tooltips to better display monsters or traps already placed.
  • Musics and ambiance have been made even more immersive!


There’s so much balancing that has been done for this patch that it would be too long to write all the changes down.

Here’s a recap list of what has been changed:

  • A significant number of monsters stats, attacks and upgrades has been balanced.
  • Skeleton Warrior stats have been significantly increased to make the Orc Sorcerer more interesting. As a downside, we’ve reduced the chance to resurrect monsters into Skeleton Warriors from the Crystal Skull Artefact.
  • Several Slaveholder’s talents have been made more impactful or have been completely reworked.
  • All heroes stats, some attacks and some skills have been balanced. Tier 1 heroes have been significantly buffed to have stats similar to Tier 2 heroes.
  • Skill trigger timing of Warrior, Assassin and Elementalist classes has been changed from “at the start of the first fight” to “at the start of each fight”. Number of effect stacks and skill damage have been reduced accordingly.
  • Several Disasters damage and/or number of effect stacks have been balanced.
  • Prices to buy and upgrade monsters or traps have been significantly reduced. This change also affects random Events costs. Selling prices at the Black Market have been changed accordingly.
  • Several random Events have been tweaked to be less punitive. The addition of positive Events in the pool should also help with the general feeling about them.
  • A fixed Seminar has been added to help players get some more Motivation back if needed.
  • The random monster given at the start of a run with the other starting monsters has been removed.
  • The Sacrificial Altar Plunder now gives a level 2 Artefact in exchange for a monster’s soul.

Bugs fixing:

  • Fixed an issue where Masters XP gained past max level was not removed when reaching max level for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where resurrected of transformed monsters still had the Bonuses and/or Penalties of the dead or previous monster.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gruesome Surprise hanged corpse was following the hero if it was dealing enough Morale to make the hero flee.


  • Fixed an issue where traps which deal morale were not applying the Demoralized effect correctly with one of the Slaveholder’s talent.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters VFX were displayed in Reward cards before appearing.
  • Fixed a value displayed as 0 instead of 30 in one of the Slaveholder’s talent tooltip.
  • Fixed missing text tag for the Circle of Mushrooms Plunder.

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