Devblog #2 - Scheduling is the key!

Now that you’re in your office, we can present you to your best friend during this job:

Your agenda!

This is where you’ll be able to manage everything!

Each week, you’ll have to choose between different available tasks. You can always see the tasks planned for the next couple of weeks to help you take your decision.

The different tasks available are as follow:

Dungeon: Protect your dungeon from a group of adventurers

Elite: protect your dungeon from a group of adventurers lead by a champion

Merchant: Buy a monster or a trap

Trainer: Upgrade a monster

Engineer: Upgrade a trap

Plunder: Get some gold (but beware of the villagers anger!)

Doctor: Heal yourself

Antiquary: Buy an artefact (more on them in another devlog)

Transmutor: Transform a monster, a trap or an artefact into another one

Event: Deal with a random event in your job environment (strike, seminar, brawl between
employees, etc.)

Some events will even have an impact on your relations with the different enterprise departments!

What about my promotion?

Each year (every 52 weeks), you’ll have an interview with your HRD.

After a brief summary of your achievements, you’ll be awarded with several career opportunities to choose from.

The promotion will be represented by a passive bonus to help you do your job even better and overcome stronger teams of adventurers!

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