You've been hired as a Dungeon Master!

Welcome, dear newcomer. I’m the resource manager and I liked your resume.

I see that you’re eager to get in the shoes of a Dungeon Master starting his career, so let me give you more details about what will be your job.

You’ll be in charge of one of the countless territories owned by the Dungeon Company, with one single but not so easy task:

Protect the treasures hidden in the local dungeons!

This job requires employees management skills, knowing how to organize your agenda and making the right decisions at the right time.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?

What you will do now that you’re the boss:

After choosing the master you want to play with, you’ll have to select one of the daily tasks in your agenda. Some can get you gold, monsters or different bonuses, but some others might get you some trouble (trust us, you don’t want to face the monsters’ syndicates). You’ll always see what’s planned in your agenda for the few days to come, allowing you to anticipate and to make the right choices. This way, you can prepare yourself to overcome groups of adventurers coming for your guarded treasures.

When it’s time to beat up some overconfident heroes thinking they can steal one of your treasures, you can dispatch your employees and set your traps up all over the place.

Show them who’s the boss!

How to protect your dungeons?

Thanks to your “loyal” sentinels and spies, you’ll always know when a group of adventurers will show up. I hope it’ll prevent you from getting fired! When they’ll be in front of the doors, you’ll see the dungeon layout. It’s time for you to plan your defense correctly against these fools! There are 10 rooms in each dungeon, 9 of them waiting to be set up. Each room has a specific purpose: place some monsters or set up a trap.

There’s also a resting room where heroes will be able to catch their breath and prepare for the remaining rooms. I hope for you that they don’t stand a chance anymore. “What about magic?”, you may ask. Don’t worry! In addition to their first purpose, a few rooms allow you to cast a spell with your master to buff your monsters, deal damage to heroes or debuff them to kick them out of your dungeon!

Once you’re done, heroes will run in and start exploring the dungeon... and there will be blood (but not only theirs)! Traps will automatically trigger (how convenient it is) and monsters will obey your orders during turn-based fights.

Will they be able to reach the treasure? Only time can tell!

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