Patch 0.9a

Minor changes

  • Balanced tomato, zucchini and spelt growth and yield, considering players feedback on the matter


  • Prevent quarry rotation
  • Replaced mining skill by stonecutting skill when working in quarry and mine
  • Made loading screen slider non-interactable
  • Discord & Wiki icons on title screen no longer appear above save/load/new game windows
  • Fixed stuck loading bar when you started a new game after having launched another one then returned on main menu
  • Handled corrupted save files in the loading process (it no longer crash the game, there’s an error message then the game returns to title screen)
  • Fixed loading bar that didn’t always start at 0%
  • Harvesting using a tool always consumed 1 use, even when the harvest required 2 or more uses. Fixed.
  • Fixed plants prematurely dying after reload

Files 85 MB
Version 0.9a Aug 05, 2018 87 MB
Version 0.9a Aug 05, 2018 86 MB
Version 0.9a Aug 05, 2018

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