0.14 - Agriculture and Sound Design

The March Update is here, it’s called “Agriculture & Sound design”.

In this update, you’ll get to understand better how plants are evolving in the game. You now have small panels ingame and a better interface to show you what’s planted and when it will grow.

Edit : I forgot but we also tripled the FPS ingame... no more lags, people!

You now have more than 20 sounds in the game that are creating a complete soundscape, and a natural ambiance which varies according to the season (and the zoom level!). We will be bringing a few more sounds and short musics with the next update as well. You can congratulate Antonin (programmer) & Jérôme (our sound designer) for their work on it!

Players also get new buildings and items for the late game, including advanced workshops like a forge, a foundry, a sawmill… Existing content has been a bit modified for balancing, e.g. fishing rod has been replaced by a pronged spear (some kind of rudimentary harpoon) and planks are now made in the sawmill instead of the wood workshop.

Have a good day and see you for the next update. We should give more information about it next week!


stormland-windows.zip 85 MB
Version 0.14.3 Mar 28, 2019
stormland-mac.zip 87 MB
Version 0.14.3 Mar 28, 2019
stormland-linux.zip 86 MB
Version 0.14.3 Mar 28, 2019

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