0.12 - Early Islands

0.12 – Early Islands

This update focuses on new players first experience, a side of the game that becomes more and more important as we reach new people. To all our long-time players: Thank you for your patience, we assure you new content will come!

A proper tutorial

There is now a new tutorial: A series of 3 small islands with objectives that progressively introduce the mechanics of the game to new players.  

Better procedural generation

The map generation algorithm has been enhanced to guarantee the presence of enough resources on the island.

Difficulty selection and customization

When starting a new survival game, you can now choose between 3 difficulty modes. They offer different storm frequencies, island sizes and resource distribution.

Additionally, you can set your own settings. Optimal resource distribution always generates a great amount of every natural resource. Random distribution is nearly complete random and might lead to islands with a single bamboo or tree, which you will need to reproduce before harvesting it.

Positive side of the storms

Storms will now bring some surprises… After a hard night that might have damaged your village, crates containing seeds and other items could wash up on the shore.

Minor changes

  • Your first 3 villagers are now randomly picked instead of always being the same ones


  • Fixed tornadoes not moving
  • Remade the wind storm destruction sequence, it should never last longer than 5-10 seconds now; so this fixes the extremely long storms problem
  • Fixed pink alerts
  • Prevented fake building creation
  • Remade the way storm warnings are displayed, fixing bugs in the process


stormland-windows.zip 85 MB
Version 0.12.1 Nov 14, 2018
stormland-mac.zip 87 MB
Version 0.12.1 Nov 14, 2018
stormland-linux.zip 86 MB
Version 0.12.1 Nov 14, 2018

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