0.13 New Interface

0.13 - NEW INTERFACE Update!

It was a long work, but it was needed! UI is now smaller, easier to use, with some additions like a report panel at the end of each turn, giving you more information about the well being of your survivors.

We also reworked keyboard shortcuts, take a look if you like to use the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Shells, crabs and frogs

Finally, shells respawn! A reproduction behaviour has been implemented: once a year, every shell “breeds”: it produces another shell, giving there is space on its natural environment, and there are not too many other shells around.

The same behaviour is used for crabs and frogs, two new animals that offer new sources of food.

Removed stockpile

You no longer need to place stockpiles before harvesting resources. Items will simply stay on the map, clearly identified by a white outline. Next step is to add proper warehouses to store all those items and protect them from the storms.

Minor changes

Now, Snow only appear on higher parts of the islands on the first day of winter. On the second day, it covers more land. On the third day, ice forms on the coast. On the fourth day, ice recedes, kind of announcing spring is close.

Balanced strings and bamboo amount required for fishing buildings and floating bridge


  • LOTS of bugs fixed by the new UI!
  • Zucchinis are no longer immortal, ever producing top tier vegetables. They die in winter along with tomatoes and other annual plants.
  • Snow no longer persist in spring
  • Tool durability and villager time updated every time an action is performed
  • Added missing translations
  • Prevented appearance of fake buildings
  • Fixed storms taking way too much time to finish
  • Fixed static tornadoes
  • Building rotation is now properly restored on loading
  • Firecamp can now be destroyed by a tornado
  • Fixed new buildings appearing damaged
  • Fixed old skills reappearing
  • Prevented selected character changing when zooming
  • Moving map with mouse sometimes didn’t work, everything is fine now
  • After 10 villagers, empty rafts no longer arrive
  • When all villagers died at same turn a newcomer arrived, game was lost (because for a very short time, there were no alive villager on the island and the game detected it). Game is no longer lost on this occasion now.
  • Rationing cursor position is now properly restored on loading

We're also proud to announce we're working with Red Bricks (https://redbricks.games/) to improve our community link! You can now submit features, bugs and others directly here!

All of this was made possible because Seeds of Resilience is now published by Goblinz Studio. We're all french people trying to make good indie games. Goblinz has been putting money & efforts to bring more quality & marketing to Seeds of Resilience!


stormland-windows.zip 85 MB
Version 0.13.4 Jan 23, 2019
stormland-mac.zip 87 MB
Version 0.13.4 Jan 23, 2019
stormland-linux.zip 86 MB
Version 0.13.4 Jan 23, 2019

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