PROCEDURAL Update - New game = new island!

Hello (Insert random name.... oops) and welcome to the procedural update! We didn’t choose the features by random but sure got some stuff done this month!

FYI the game will be on sale from tomorrow (Sept 12) for 2 weeks at 20%!

Update summary

  • Procedural Map Generation: every new game, the island is procedurally generated. You can share seeds with other people on our Discord (
  • Storms Warning
  • Steam Achievements
  • Access hidden resources with CTRL shortcut
  • New localization: italian
  • Zoom In & Out
  • Ingame Shortcuts
  • More & More bug fixes !

Here are a few pictures from the upcoming content:

New game panel with seed display

Storm warning, voted by the community!

Shortcuts we want you to see

See behind trees with CTRL

Jump into the game and try out this slick generation! Tell us what you think in the comments or on Discord.

Next Month update: SEASONS

The planned content for next month is SEASONS.
The game will now have Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring like in real life. Basically, in winter the crops will be more sparse and the soil will become frozen. You’ll have to plan your game more carefully!

There are 3 features to vote

Minor Changes

  • Added “place stockpile” as the first objective
  • You no longer get chestnut when cutting down a chestnut tree. As with other trees, you have to harvest the seeds that spawn around the tree
  • Added Credits on title screen
  • Window buttons now toggle the window instead of opening them
  • Removed some plants graphic variations that were too hard to see (spelt, flax and cotton had versions with only a couple stems)


  • Fixed quarry no giving any stone
  • Fixed fishing shack repair cost being zero (in time as in materials)
  • Deactivated keyboard shortcuts during writing save file name
  • Set up the right sound when picking tree seeds up
  • Fixed a problem when placing several stockpiles rapidly
  • Fixed quarry/mine making game freeze when trying to extract past the limit
  • Fixed too long repair time by applying a logarithmic function on the original repair time
  • Fixed tree seeds spawning in water
  • Fixed a silent error occuring when trying to craft a tool while missing a material
  • Recycling a building now checks if there’s enough space in the storage
  • Fixed “return to main menu” button which was inactive when on the “all villagers are dead” screen
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed you to have infinite ore veins if you recycled and rebuilt the mine before it depleted
  • Fixed “villager affected to houses” count which wasn’t working, preventing from unlocking the Hamlet achievement
  • Fixed mine building corrupting save files

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Version 0.10.2 Sep 13, 2018 87 MB
Version 0.10.2 Sep 13, 2018 86 MB
Version 0.10.2 Sep 13, 2018

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