0.11 – The seasons update


This is it! It’s been a huge amount of work on our side as we had to draw an integrate lots of new graphics, so we have autumn leaves and snow everywhere in winter.

More, the growth of each and every plant has been entirely remade, to comply with the calendar. There probably still is some balancing to do, so please give us feedback!

Most trees and plants produce seeds or roots that remain in a dormant state during winter and sprout in spring. There’s also a seasons wheel, with a storm indicator attached to it:

Soil layers

Sand, dirt and clay are now stackable layers you can harvest. Later on we plan to add the ability to put back sand and dirt on the ground so you can create terrain.

Fish population management

Until 0.10, fishing was wayyyyy too easy, because you could fish endlessly with a good yield. The amount of fish you get now depends on the fish population in the area around the fishing building. And fishes are then removed from the sea, so the population decreases. They multiply in spring.

Also, there are now 3 kinds of fishes:

 Small, yellow ones that can be fished with a simple fishing rod.

Schools of small red fishes. You need a fishing building for those.

 Big blue fishes which you can only get with the fishing cabin. They give a large amount of food when cooked.

Trees offering protection against strong winds

Voted by community

As you can see on the following gif, the shelter on the beach is destroyed by the storm whereas the one close to the trees is protected from the wind.

To achieve a consistent behaviour, I’ve done some reading on the subject of windbreak. Maybe I’ll detail the algorithm later.

Credits: Martin Crawford / Creating a forest garden

Wealthy islands

To improve first player experience with procedural generation, we added a beginner mode which activates the tutorial objectives and guarantees a map with enough resources (instead of generating a random seed, the game takes it in a predefined list).

Quarry giving ore

Quarries now exist in 3 different sizes and give ore when digging tiles with ore veins. There are now plenty of ore veins in the ground. Finally, the mine building has been removed.

Spanish localization

Minor changes

  • Trees have an intermediate form, smaller than the fully grown tree, but giving the same materials (in a smaller amount, obviously)
  • Crafting a string can be done with no survival skill (level 1 required before)
  • Floating platforms and fix fishing rods are now damaged by storms


stormland-windows.zip 85 MB
Version 0.11.1 Oct 11, 2018
stormland-mac.zip 87 MB
Version 0.11.1 Oct 11, 2018
stormland-linux.zip 86 MB
Version 0.11.1 Oct 11, 2018

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