Patch 0.9c


  • A building you tried to place on empty but not flat enough terrain would show green cells even though you couldn't place it. It now shows red cells in this case.
  • Elements on clay terrain were not accessible (you couldn't harvest or recycle resources, neither select building). This has been fixed, and now you cannot harvest clay if there is something on it.
  • When building the fishing shack, the fishing rods appeared before the floor under them. The algorithm sorting elements to make them appear in a logical order in the construction animation has been improved, though it's not perfect yet.
  • Fixed repairing building not consuming materials
  • Fixed turn number coming back to 1 after reloading
  • Fixed next storm and newcomers delay not memorised when saving
  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple copies of the same villager to come on the island
  • Fixed a bug during saving that corrupted the save file (related to the quarry)
  • Added saving of cells altitudes
  • Corrected translation ref on quarry details

Files 85 MB
Version 0.9c Aug 10, 2018 87 MB
Version 0.9c Aug 10, 2018 86 MB
Version 0.9c Aug 10, 2018

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