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At last, it is possible to recycle buildings you don’t want anymore! This feature was asked by many of you beta-testers. Though being the last tab of the list, it’s one of the key actions in Stormland, where you will need to spare every single piece of resource available to you. And it’s still better to recycle objects to create a stronger building, than seeing your old cabin blown by the elements…! Also, there’s no “destruction” option to get rid or relocate a building (materials don’t vanish in thin air, right?), so Recycling is the answer to that.

This time, we’re also adding less destructive manifestations of nature ; here come the waterfalls! They will later be needed to activate certain buildings waterwheels.

For our early testers, we’re also adding a second map, you can now choose the map you want after selecting the Survival mode. One day those maps will be replaced by a random generator !


Version 0.7.2 (beta)

New features

  • Activation of the Recycle tab, which allows :
    • Salvaging materials from different elements on the map, like the rafts (and later, rubble)
    • Dismantling buildings, regardless of their condition
  • A new map for survival mode, with a few new objects
  • Waterfalls !

Minor improvements

  • Time required for construction appears next to the building name
  • Simple game over screen when all your villagers are dead
  • Several stockpile elements can be placed without delay
  • Shorter night
  • Better villager time bar tooltips message
  • Minor improvements to home screen UI
  • Blackberry bushes produce new berries every few turns
  • Better display of skill list when a villager has more than 3 skills
  • Added many item descriptions

Bug fixes

  • End turn button now flickers on hover on turn 2+
  • Added adaptive height for Load Game and Save Game panels (on small screens they were not fully visible because they were too big)
  • Fixed the bug blocking everything after a villager’s death
  • Quickly fixed the laggy storms problem by removing the trees swing
  • Fixed several bugs with the save/load process :
    • Incorrect tools durability percentage
    • Unequipable tools
    • Disappearing equipped tools
    • Building sites magically completed by save+load
    • Villagers expelled from houses after save+load
    • Lost unlocked recipes
    • Object quantities reseted to 1
  • Fixed bugged scroll bars on the Build tab
  • Fixed bug that allowed only one axe to be equipped if you crafted two in a row
  • Fixed missing item names

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