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On a small island, one of the best strategies to survive in the short and long term is to turn to the sea. Before this update, it was already possible to craft a fishing rod and catch a few of these scaly, slimy little creatures. But now, with enough materials, you can go to the next level and build a fishing cabin. Fishing will be a lot more efficient as you are not limited to the tiny fishes close to the coast, but can reach the large ones that circle around the island. Also, we’ve introduced a bit of randomness in the fishing process, meaning the amount of fish you get will not always be the same. And a skilled fisher has a better chance for a good catch.

There have been a lot of abstract programming to make it work : we needed to be able to specify, for each building, if it required to be completely or partially on water, with enough depth but not too much, with an access to solid ground… That’s a lot of constraints and the debug process was very time-consuming (that’s why the update is two days late!). But the good point is, it has laid the foundations for other complex buildings, like advanced workshops powered by water-wheels.

And last but not least, we’re really proud to present you… The seagull and the crab! They will randomly appear in the island from time to time, bringing much life to the environment. You can not interact with them… for now.


Version 0.7.3 (beta)

New features

  • Fishing buildings that allow much more efficient fishing. They are built on stilts so you can place them directly on water.
  • Fishing through buildings gives a random amount of fish, and skilled fishers get more.
  • Crabs and seagulls

Minor improvements

  • The hook recipe now requires only 1H but produces only one hook.
  • It’s longer than before to fish with a simple fishing rod.

Bug fixes

  • Grass is removed  when you construct a building over it
  • Rocks take a reasonable amount of time to mine (though they are still use in no recipe or construction for now)


Stormland 0.7.3 Beta - Windows 32-bit.zip 58 MB
Apr 13, 2018

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