Patchnote : 0.7.3b Beta

I was very tired last week, and programming when you’re tired means lots of bugs. So I’m pushing a bugfix patch today ! Sincere apologies to all players.

Version 0.7.3b (beta)

Minor improvements

  • Campfire now takes an hour and a few materials to place
  • Slightly improved display of valid/invalid cells when you place a building
  • Removed Quality parameter. Low and medium quality generated graphics bugs, and most computers can run the game in high quality graphics without performance loss.
  • Map name displayed in save files preview

Bug fixes

  • Restored houses names and descriptions
  • Restored ability to build campfire
  • The Ship category in Build tab is no longer accessible (it was creating bugs because there are currently no buildings in this section)
  • Selecting a craft category that contains no recipe no longer displays the last selected recipe’s information
  • Fixed a bug that prevent to place some buildings (they remained transparent when placed, and that leads to more bugs if you tried to select them)
  • Fixed save/load that wasn’t working anymore
  • Unequipped tools list now shows the tools health (it was always displaying 100%)
  • Restored game over screen
  • Fixed villagers time bar in Assign tab
  • Prevented the skill level to go beyond the maximum… which caused a series of bugs that destroyed all the game ! (that was as fun as frightening)
  • Added a scrollbar to building descriptions in case they are too long.
  • Same for craft recipes descriptions.
  • It’s no longer possible to interact with map when the villagers list is open (the list was not correctly updated in this case, and harvesting or building or whatever while having the villagers list open makes no sense).


Stormland 0.7.3b Beta - Windows 59 MB
Apr 16, 2018

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