Beta 0.8.1 – Tier 3 buildings

This small update adds the first tier 3 buildings, which have stone roofs made with shale tiles and walls of planks. Those buildings are quicker to assemble than the wattle huts, but you have to take into account the planks production time.

Currently there are only houses and a stone workshop which allows to cut raw granite blocks into nice 6-sided stones. Those stones can be used to build a millstone for moderately efficient flour production.

Other tier 3 buildings will include a forge that can melt iron, a mine and a quarry. There require some specific code so they will have to wait for the next update!


Better tool behaviour

In the meantime, I’ve added the possibility to make some tools more efficient. To be more specific, felling a tree with a bronze axe now takes half as long as with a rudimentary one – same with the pickaxes.

Also, a tool’s “health” is now displayed with numbers instead of a percentage, and harvesting resources can consume more than one “health point”. Cutting down bamboos will require only one HP where felling a chestnut tree requires 3.

Additional building materials

In earlier versions of the game, buildings could only require materials that influenced the strength or insulation parameters. I’ve tweaked the code so I can add other materials which are not part of the main structure.

Therefore I’ve completed the material requirements of several buildings, like the fishing hut requiring fishing hooks and the metal workshop requiring cob to make the oven.


Version 0.8.1 (beta)

New features and content

  • A few tier 3 buildings (2 houses and the stone workshop), which are mainly made out of planks and stone tiles.
  • Tools efficiency parameter – for example working with bronze tools is twice faster than with rudimentary tools.
  • Tools “health points” displayed as numbers instead of percentage, and harvest actions consuming one or more “health points” from the tool.
  • A manual millstone, harvestable clay, cob recipe for making the meta workshop’s oven.

Minor improvements

  • Once the game is launched, it will check for updates and invite you to download the latest one version if needed.
  • When you click on “Return to main menu”, you are prompted with a warning in case you haven’t saved your game.

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Version 0.8.1 May 09, 2018

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it looks like there are 2 islands. One has cob the other has chestnut but nether has both. Is this intended?

No chestnut is intended, but no cob on the first island isn't. It will be corrected in the next update!