Beta 0.8.3 – Mac & Linux support


The game is now crossplatform and should run correctly on Mac and Linux! Let’s hope there won’t be any new bug specific to those systems.  As we use Unity, it was pretty quick to setup, though things like making a correct automatic build and upload pipeline took some time.

Removing Unity configuration window

I also spent time making a decent Settings window, where you can now change the music and SFX volume, screen resolution and keyboard controls. Then I removed the quite-annoying-and-now-useless Unity configuration window that was showing first whenever you started the game.

It was also an opportunity to add more keyboard shortcuts, including a few beta-testing shortcuts to unstuck from certain situation.

Ore, seeds and villagers

I really wanted to add more content to the game, but couldn’t find the time. So there are only minors things, see the list below for details!

Steam page

Getting a steam developer account and then setting up the page of the game was another task I underestimated. Waiting for personal information verifications, filling up the countless forms to complete the steam store, understanding how to push builds to the platform, testing it… It took several weeks of waiting and a few full days of work. I finished just a few hours ago and submitted the Steam page to validation. Once this step done, we’ll be able to announce our early access release!


Version 0.8.3 (beta)

New features and content

  • Boulders with ore veins now have a graphic diversity and are mine progressively, like regular boulders;
  • Instead of spawning saplings directly, trees now occasionally spawn seeds that can eventually become a sapling. If fertility is not high enough, the seeds will simply disappear after a time. Seeds can also be picked up to be eaten or manually planted.
  • 5 new villagers that can randomly come to your village.
  • Settings window: Audio volume sliders, resolution parameters, rebindable keyboard shortcuts.
  • A few new keyboard shortcuts to end turn, close windows, confirm dialogs… See control settings for the full list.
  • Mac & Linux support

Minor improvements

  • Better handling of keyboard shortcuts (before, some could be activated when it should not have been possible, like when typing a save name).
  • Warning message when ending turn if a villager has unspent action time.
  • Better villagers handling. Fixed a lot of UI problems.


  • Making a bronze axe now produces a bronze axe instead of a strong stone axe.
  • Tornadoes spawn randomly instead of always walking the same path
  • Multiple villager graphics problems fixed

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Version 0.8.3 Jun 14, 2018

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Thanks for Linux support ! It should be mine soon, now.