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Seeds of Resilience

Build your village and survive against the storms · By Goblinz Studio, Stormland


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Recent updates

0.14 - Agriculture and Sound Design
The March Update is here, it’s called “Agriculture & Sound design”. In this update, you’ll get to understand better how plants are evolving in the game...
3 files — 0.14.3
0.13 New Interface
0.13 - NEW INTERFACE Update! It was a long work, but it was needed! UI is now smaller, easier to use, with some additions like a report panel at the end of each...
3 files — 0.13.4
0.12 - Early Islands
0.12 – Early Islands This update focuses on new players first experience, a side of the game that becomes more and more important as we reach new people. To a...
3 files — 0.12.1
0.11 – The seasons update
Seasons This is it! It’s been a huge amount of work on our side as we had to draw an integrate lots of new graphics, so we have autumn leaves and snow everywh...
3 files — 0.11.1
PROCEDURAL Update - New game = new island!
Hello (Insert random name.... oops ) and welcome to the procedural update! We didn’t choose the features by random but sure got some stuff done this month! F...
3 files — 0.10.2
Patch 0.9c
Bugfixes A building you tried to place on empty but not flat enough terrain would show green cells even though you couldn't place it. It now shows red cells in...
3 files — 0.9c
Patch 0.9b
Bufixes: - Fixed error occuring every turn on Alpha Island
3 files — 0.9b
Build your village and survive against the storms
Patch 0.9a
Minor changes Balanced tomato, zucchini and spelt growth and yield, considering players feedback on the matter Bugfixes Prevent quarry rotation Replaced mining...
3 files — 0.9a

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