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Seeds of Resilience

Build your village and survive against the storms · By Goblinz Studio, Stormland


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Recent updates

0.14 - Agriculture and Sound Design
The March Update is here, it’s called “Agriculture & Sound design”. In this update, you’ll get to understand better how plants are evolving in the game...
3 files — 0.14.3
0.13 New Interface
0.13 - NEW INTERFACE Update! It was a long work, but it was needed! UI is now smaller, easier to use, with some additions like a report panel at the end of each...
3 files — 0.13.4
0.12 - Early Islands
0.12 – Early Islands This update focuses on new players first experience, a side of the game that becomes more and more important as we reach new people. To a...
3 files — 0.12.1
0.11 – The seasons update
Seasons This is it! It’s been a huge amount of work on our side as we had to draw an integrate lots of new graphics, so we have autumn leaves and snow everywh...
3 files — 0.11.1
PROCEDURAL Update - New game = new island!
Hello (Insert random name.... oops ) and welcome to the procedural update! We didn’t choose the features by random but sure got some stuff done this month! F...
3 files — 0.10.2
Patch 0.9c
Bugfixes A building you tried to place on empty but not flat enough terrain would show green cells even though you couldn't place it. It now shows red cells in...
3 files — 0.9c
Patch 0.9b
Bufixes: - Fixed error occuring every turn on Alpha Island...
3 files — 0.9b
Patch 0.9a
Minor changes Balanced tomato, zucchini and spelt growth and yield, considering players feedback on the matter Bugfixes Prevent quarry rotation Replaced mining...
3 files — 0.9a

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